Webinar Administrator for Jitsi

Webinar Administrator for Jitsi
WebinarAdministrator Pro integrates Jitsi Meet server.


Main features:

  • Installation and configuration is just easy.

  • Configure to use the free jitsi meet server (http://meet.jit.si/) or your own server instance.

  • Componente view is totally customizable.

  • Toolbar button and menu are easy to show / hide features.

  • Waiting Room. This component allows you to show a video (youtube or vimeo) to your attendees while they are waiting to enter the room (lobby mode). Stop boring people while waiting to enter room.

  • Room can be password protected (private) or use Joomla! ACL (public) and integrate user's profile to set who is moderator and who is attendee.

  • Create Rooms and assign categories.
  • Enter Rooms from backend and front end
  • and more ...


If you want to know more, plese check our documentation.

Duration: 6 months
Price: USD30.00
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