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Webinar Administrator

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Introduction to Webinar Administrator

Webinar Administrator allows you to manage webinar rooms thru your joomla site. This way your users will remain in your site insted of going to another services.

  • Creat rooms
  • Enter Rooms from backend and front end
  • Create a menu listing your published Rooms
  • Server check system
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Technical Requirements

Webinar Administrator is a native Joomla 3 extension. And needs an OpenMeetings server (we are working on BigBlueButton integration).

  • Joomla 3.5 +
  • PHP 5.6 +
  • OpenMeetings 4.x
  • CURL enabled
  • REST integration
  • Joomla hosting port 5080 opened (inbound & outbound)
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How to config

Basic configuration is just simple. Set the main server information and that's it.

  • Protocol
  • Host (servers IP or domain)
  • Port used
  • Context (default = openmeetings)
  • Modulekey should be unique if you use more than 1 integration
  • User & Password (Openmeetings REST permissions)
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We know it... is important some help even if documentation is just enough.

  • Forum
  • Prime support by tickets
  • Extension activly maintained
  • Did you find a bug??? Let us know
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